Sunday, November 9, 2008

This is all Im going to show!! we have tonz more, but I want to save it for the reception, so if you all want to see then  stop  by the reception.. I will give more info when it is closer! 

Sorry everyone it has taken me a while to update  our blog, but it has been a crazy busy month so far, with wedding planning, working, booking dates for the marriage, finding a place to live etc... we are so excited to get married, and just ready for it.. its getting harder and harder the sooner its coming, we just want it to happen now!! but wippdee doo we have been together for 5 years, whats 2 months more gonna do!! Here are some more engagement pictures, taken by Jared Lynton, he does awesome photography, so if any of you want his info let me know!! 

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Have Been tagged!!! By Alex Mallory who I think is the cuttest smallest girl ever!!

Im a Weirdo, and I know it ,and this is why......

1. I cannot sleep when there is any noise going on at all... clocks are the biggest thing, I cannot stand the sound of clicking clocks. It drives me crazy! Also snoring ahh so annoying, if any of you know me which most likely its going to be craig ( he knows me best) family as well, I will not sleep in the same room with anyone if they snore... so craig FYI you better get cozy couch babe! jk! love ya! oh one more early morning construction.. like 7 in the morning.. just unexeptable!!

2. I can only keep finger nail polish on for maximum 2 days.. I like to peel it off.. I know pretty weird ..

3. I could live off of string cheese!!!

4. I have cleaned my wedding ring almost every day since I got it, I love when it is shiny and sparkly... I love shiny sparkly things, I feel like a little kid when it comes to really sparkly things!

5. Everyone thinks im weird because I complain about my nose alot.. I dislike my nose.. I have a hump on it.. I dont like it, it comes from my dads german side.. gosh dang those germans.. But I guess thats the only ugly feature about me... There will always be at least 1 thing on yourself that you dont like.. ha ha! My mom says that the only reason why I have a little hump is because of all the lies I have said when I was little.. Just like poor ponokio( how ever you spell it) I have never lied mom.. what you thinking?? ;)!

6. I am a picture freak.. ask craig he will tell you!! Every where I go, where ever, when ever and how ever, I always want pictures taken.. either of me or craig or both, really just pictures of anything.. Pictures to me priceless and perfect.. People say that Im in love with my self.. More like Im in love with pictures!! fyi people I do not take pictures of myself... only sometimes ;)!

7. I ABSOUTLEY HATE ANY LIQUID MEDICINE.. I ALWAYS HAVE ALWAYS WILL.. the worst in nightquil.. especially cherry flavor... ehhh discusting.. I throw up everytime..

and there you have it.. 7 reasons why Im weird!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

This is a start of our Engagement Pictures!!  I want a Variety of pictures, we want some in the Fall and Winter.. So this is a start!! Craig's Brother in law Jared Lynton is so awesome, he wants to take our pictures for a gift for us.. and he is really good!! Thanks so much Jared!! 

Photo shoot of me 

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


This was cool, up at gateway they had tons of pictures drawn out of chalk this was my favorite! 

boating, look at there muscles, gosh boys looking good! 
Well are bestest friend ever Jaymes Longnecker came to utah and stayed with us for a week, we had so fun, there are always new memories with Jaymes! love you Jaymes!

The Pool with lynds and Els!! 

ha ha we are really enjoying being engaged, Have any of you ever seen craig laughing this hard? ah he is so funny, when he is laughing so hard he cries, when he laughs way hard its probley because of me cause Im so funny, but the minute he laughs hard I immediately start laughing and we look at each-other and both laugh soo hard, I usually pee my pants when I laugh hard.. and Craig's nostrils flair.. I wish everyday is a day that anyone can laugh has hard as they can.. I have those days quit often.. 

Matt,Jewles,me,craig! Snowbird!

Matt,Jewles,me,craig! Snowbird!