Wednesday, September 24, 2008


This was cool, up at gateway they had tons of pictures drawn out of chalk this was my favorite! 

boating, look at there muscles, gosh boys looking good! 
Well are bestest friend ever Jaymes Longnecker came to utah and stayed with us for a week, we had so fun, there are always new memories with Jaymes! love you Jaymes!

The Pool with lynds and Els!! 

ha ha we are really enjoying being engaged, Have any of you ever seen craig laughing this hard? ah he is so funny, when he is laughing so hard he cries, when he laughs way hard its probley because of me cause Im so funny, but the minute he laughs hard I immediately start laughing and we look at each-other and both laugh soo hard, I usually pee my pants when I laugh hard.. and Craig's nostrils flair.. I wish everyday is a day that anyone can laugh has hard as they can.. I have those days quit often.. 

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Craig has been involved in something that completely fits him, he is studying Fire fighting 1 & 2, Emt, Paramedic, etc.. He just got certified for his EMT & Paramedic he passed all his tests and is doing awesome! He is now working at the lone peak fire station part time which is a 24 hour shift, so basically one day on 6 days off.. full time which he will be starting hopefully before winter is 2 days on 4 days off.. He is literally a work a holic, he also has another job that he works from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. he does really interesting work, he is called a Rigger, basically they travel through out utah and deliver and set up very heavy tools,machinery, products for different companies and really anything that is heavy his company deals with.. remember a little while ago how I15 got shut down for almost a day because of that huge big tank that fell off of the semi? Thats the kinda of stuff he deals with!! He is a very very hard worker, its kinda hard because I feel like we never see each other, I work as well part time at t-mobile so usually we work opposite shifts, so we are kinda both lucky to see each other for a couple hours a day.. It gets frusterating, but I know Craig will always be able to support me and my family one day, he is such a handy man and really can do anything you ask him to do.. I am so proud of him and I am very excited for what has to come with his work.. He has applied for a position up in the park city fire station, which is the top highest paying station in utah.. He heard back and he has to do a physical test, which is actually pretty difficult, he has to carry  water hoses, dummies, etc, he will do great!! He is 21 and in this industry we can retire when he is in his 40's!! yea! then we will travel the world with our future family!! I love you babe keep it up!! 

We went on a date with my cousin Julia and her boyfriend Matt, we went to tepanyaki, it was so yummy, but we are all trying to hang out alot before matt leaves on his mission in october, he is going to Argentina! He will be an awesome missionary, and I will take care of Jewles while he is gone!! love ya guys! 

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Well we had fun at the zoo!! who wouldn't!! 

But........I  almost did!! 

He didn't measure up... 

Look the Giraffe really puckered his lips to kiss me!! Gosh even animals want to kiss me, what is it about me? ha ha craig should know he loves kissing me too!! 

Craig babe you  kinda look like this giraffe, ha ha I am just saying that because he told me I look like one of those big huge apes. I think I look like a beautiful butterfly! Don't you guys think he kinda looks like this animal? 

update for the beginning of september!!  Well while Craig and I are engaged we are enjoying every moment of it! Craig has been seriously begging me to go to the zoo with him, he is like a little kid when it comes down to animals, so we went to the hogle zoo.  It was perfect weather, it was sprinkling a little bit and felt so refreshing. But we had alot of fun and craig was happy we finally made it to the zoo! 

Matt,Jewles,me,craig! Snowbird!

Matt,Jewles,me,craig! Snowbird!